sickle cell pain

Words to Describe Sickle Cell Pain

I often find it hard to describe to those who don't suffer from Sickle Cell how the pain feels. It can be complicated to explain, especially since there are so many different levels of Sickle Cell pain. I personally experience some type of pain each day. Most of the time the pains may be mild, but every so often they'll get slightly more severe and I worry that they'll develop into crisis pain. I saw a nice graphic on a Sickle Cell Instagram account recently that summed up the types of pain ...
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How I Score My Level of Sickle Cell Pain | Sickle Cell Diaries

Sometimes you need to let others know how severe your sickle cell pain is, particularly if you are in Hospital. I seldom get pains that require me to be be hospitalised, which works great for me as I prefer to treat my pain as much as I can before seeking any kind of help. However, I do get many aches and pains throughout the week that come and go, and these pains range from low to high in severity. As I've started keeping a pain diary to show my consultant, I've come up with a scoring ...
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The Benefits of Keeping A Pain Diary | Sickle Cell Diaries

Over the past 7 months, I've maintained a full-time job assignment that required me to travel by train 5-days a week. To most people this is normal, but for a sickle cell sufferer it can be a nightmare. I was constantly aching, and I was always tired. The worst part was that I stopped taking painkillers to manage my pain because they would make me too drowsy at work and have me on the brink of falling asleep. Back in March I had an appointment with my consultant at the Hospital and ...
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