Five Things That Will Distract You From Following Your Dreams

I've been going through a lot these past few weeks, and it has made me realise just how much things in our modern life distract you from achieving your goals. Most people have dreams but never manage to translate them into achievable goals. And many of us who do manage to set achievable goals for ourselves end up getting side-tracked. Below is a list of five things that I have realised can distract you from achieving goals and following your dreams. Keep in mind that I'm not saying these ...
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The Speed Writing Technique

Are you aspiring to write? Do you have psychological issues when trying to commit to your writing project? Well here is a technique I use to overcome that. Many times I feel inspired to write, but once I sit at my desk and tell myself "Ok it's time to write" I often get sidetracked and end up writing nothing at all. It was kind of surprising for me because back in my University days I could knock out an essay draft in a whole day. The problem is that In University I felt like I was doing it ...
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