Slayers | Flash Fiction

Chick Wendig at issued one of his Flash Fiction challenges last week, and as I want to make 2017 a year of reading and writing, I decided to participate. The rules of this challenge was to write about something that scares you, with a word limit of 1000. Unfortunately, I think I got carried away and went slightly over the limit, oops! Regardless, I would appreciate any and all feedback on this so that I can improve. SLAYERS I received many stares as I entered the ...
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I Love Hip Hop 2: Chain Reaction

Troy ‘Thrill Ride’ Parker is the leader of an independent record label known as Rock Out Records. After his best friend Milly Stacks was shot and put in a coma, he has made it his mission to find those responsible for the attack. But a crew of stick-up kids is out to ruin the credibility of all artists on Rock Out records. Troy must figure out the connection between the stick-up crew and those responsible for putting his best friend in a coma, all while running his newly founded record ...
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I Love Hip Hop

Troy Parker was just another hustler claimed by the drug economy in South Side Jamaica Queens. After truth hit him that the drug game was short lived, he insisted on using the art of rap as his escape. Now Troy Parker is Thrill Ride, the most influential Hip-Hop artist in the industry. When Troy's record label Wave Records finds itself in financial trouble the company CEO devises a plan to manipulate Troy's image and increase profits. Troy must struggle to balance his music career, his ...
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