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My name is Gary A. Swaby and I’m a media junkie. By this I mean I love nothing more than to consume multiple forms of media; whether it’s books, films, TV shows or music. There’s nothing I appreciate more than learning life lessons through content and media, and this website is my space to dissect the things I enjoy.

You’ll also learn more about me, my talents and my passions. For the past five years I’ve been writing for The Koalition – an award winning blog about video games, by gamers.

For the past four years I’ve been working as a web developer, and it’s currently my main source of income.

I also self-published my first novel I Love Hip Hop in 2012, and I’ve been working on multiple novel projects since then.

This site will reflect my journey to grow as a writer and content creator.

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I’m always enthusiastic about working with like-minded people, so get in touch for podcast requests, guest blogs, social media services and anything else you’d like to ask.


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