Smiling makes a huge difference

Smiling makes a huge difference

I wrote a post before about The Power of a Smile, but now I want to add some new 2017 insight onto it. These days it’s hard to be social with everybody in their own bubble. When you’re out and about, people are spending every free moment on their phones, and they generally don’t want to be disturbed. It has made people come off as less inviting and more intimidating to approach.

Yes, it’s right to be weary of strangers; but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a smile. Smiling has the power to uplift others around you, especially those who may be more anxious in social situations.

The sad reality is that these days everyone is out for themselves, and this has created more of a hostile environment depending on where you live. I feel like the sense of community has been lost in many places. But a smile can change an entire situation at times, and sometimes, that’s all it takes for others to view you in a different light.

Smiling at others has benefits, but it can also help you. When you’re feeling down, all you have to do is smile to reprogram your brain. By smiling, you’re telling yourself that everything will be okay; you’re reminding yourself that you have faith and you’re showing that you are high spirited. Smiling shows that you have what it takes to keep pushing, no matter how hard things get. Next time you view yourself in the mirror, try smiling at yourself and see if you don’t feel a nice glow inside.

The infographic below shows some nice facts and statistics about smiling and the difference it makes. Also leave your comments on how smiling has helped you, because nothing beats a case study.

The Difference a Smile MakesThe Difference a Smile Makes – an Infographic from Junomedical