I Love Hip Hop 2: Chain Reaction

Troy ‘Thrill Ride’ Parker is the leader of an independent record label known as Rock Out Records. After his best friend Milly Stacks was shot and put in a coma, he has made it his mission to find those responsible for the attack. But a crew of stick-up kids is out to ruin the credibility of all artists on Rock Out records. Troy must figure out the connection between the stick-up crew and those responsible for putting his best friend in a coma, all while running his newly founded record label. I Love Hip Hop 2: Chain Reaction is a mix of music industry politics and street warfare.

About I Love Hip Hop 2: Chain Reaction

This is a follow up to my first novel I Love Hip Hop. The story picks up where the first one left off, but it’s possible to read I Love Hip Hop 2: Chain Reaction without having read the first. It has many of the same characters, with some new ones added in the mix. I will be updating the first I Love Hip Hop novel soon to make sure the writing quality is on par with the second one, seeing as my writing got better since writing the first. Anyone who has already bought the first book is entitled to all updates for free.

The I Love Hip Hop series is written in American English.

Thoughts and feedback are welcome.

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