Loot Crate is Awesome!

I’ve been hearing about Loot Crate and their subscription based business model since around 2012, and I remember thinking it was a cool idea, but I never had any desire to subscribe. Here and there I would see my gamer peers talking about the cool collectables they were receiving in the monthly mystery boxes sent out to all Loot Crate subscribers. It works like this, you subscribe from $29.95 per month (you save money if you subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months), then each month you receive one of the companies mystery boxes full of geek and gamer collectables. The retail value of each box is $40, so you’re getting lots of cool items at once. Each month has a new theme, and all items in the box are based on this theme. After seeing December’s Loot Crate I decided to finally bite the bullet.

Some may find the idea crazy, but it’s truly exciting to be subscribed to such a service, because every month is like Christmas. Also I’ve taken a liking to collecting valuables because I’ve been spoiled with many free collectable items throughout my career at The Koalition.

Because Loot Crate usually has exclusive items (such as this cool The Joker-Batman Pop Vinyl), there’s certain things you can just hold onto and watch as the value shoots up over the years. Some of these items will be rare, and for that reason there will be people wanting to pay double the worth to obtain them.


March 2015 Loot Crate Review

The theme for March was Covert. So the crate was full of cool spy based items. My favourite items from the crate was the Stealth Wrist Watch (which displays the time only when you press the screen), the Field Notes notebooks and the Agents of Shield replica badge. The crate also included a James Bond themed T-shirt (Bond is sad because his drink was stirred and not shaken), an Orphan Black comic book, a Ninjak digital comic code, a Mad Libs word game, a power cord (useful for outdoor/hiking trips) and the monthly Loot Crate magazine and badge. Sure I may not use some of these items, but it’s cool that I have the option to either give them away or sell them on.

My favourite Loot Crate was from December 2014, when I wasn’t even a subscriber. It was an anniversary themed box that paid homage to intellectual properties that celebrated anniversaries in 2014. This included Batman, The Simpsons, Ghostbusters and more. The Crate included The Joker-Batman Pop Vinyl I mentioned before, Dancing Groot socks, an Avengers car freshener, a Tetris sticker set, The Simpsons themed wallet, a Candy Cane, a Crunchy Roll free trial code, a Ghostbusters door hanger and a Batman End Game comic book. Now it’s not like I’m excited to stick Tetris stickers everywhere, or walk around with a Simpsons wallet, but that’s a great selection of items that are so collectively cool to a collector. I’m also a huge fan of Batman, and actively read the comics.

Thankfully I was able to purchase this December crate in a flash sale that Loot Crate had on their site. Which is another great thing, they sometimes sell old crates that you might have missed if you wasn’t a subscriber.

Loot Crate Vs. Other Nerd Boxes

There’s other nerd-subscription-box services out there, such as Nerd Block. But the thing is that some of these other services will give you one cool item a month, then a bunch of cheap junk (which is probably just left over stock items they buy from warehouses at a reduced rate). I feel like Loot Crate offer the best (and most valuable) exclusive items, and also they’re better at selecting a bunch of decent items that match the specific theme.

There may be items you don’t particularly like in Loot Crate, but it will still be a good quality item that someone else would want. I get the idea that I would end up throwing a lot of stuff away with certain other subscription boxes. To put it into perspective, I’m still enjoying the New York Times bestselling novel that came in February’s Loot Crate (I will review the book soon). Another detail that gives Loot Crate the edge is the packaging. Not only is there usually something fun going on in the interior box design (sometimes easter egg’s and competitions), but the outer design is simple but effective. There’s nothing like seeing that black Loot Crate box show up at your house and wondering what’s inside.

Subscribe Now Nerds!

If you’re as excited about nerdy collectables as I am then be sure to head over to Loot Crate and subscribe. Loot Crate is also an awesome community to be a part of, as every month the internets are full of unboxing videos, and conversations from Looters about the items. There’s also the Mega Crate, which is an extremely high valued crate that is given away for free (at random) to a lucky subscriber every month. This month’s was worth over $2,400 and included The New Razer Blade laptop (worth £2000 on its own), a portable gaming monitor with backpack, and a Motorola Moto 360 Leather Smart Watch.

Loot Crate ships to 12 counties (including the UK obviously), and I recommend the service to anyone who’s as invested in the geek culture as I am. It’s safe to say, Loot Crate is one of my favourite start-ups that emerged over the past five years.