I Love Hip Hop 2: Chain Reaction Novel Front Cover Reveal

The sequel to my first novel I Love Hop Hop is releasing in two weeks. It’s called I Love Hip Hop 2: Chain Reaction. For those who read the first novel you’ll know that it covered the life of a Hip-Hop mogul named Troy Parker who goes by the rap name Thrill Ride. Troy Parker strives to be the biggest Hip-Hop artist in history, but the intentions of those around him conflict with his plan, and it leads to chaos.


This second novel follows the events of the first novel, available on Kindle US/UK and Kobo. Along with the release of the new novel I will also be releasing a new edition of the first novel to make it read smoother. So you can either hold off on buying the first or buy it now and email me for a free copy of the new and updated version. I Love Hip Hop 2: Chain Reaction will be the last novel in the I Love Hip Hop realm for a while. All proceeds go to helping me create bigger and better projects in the future, so I appreciate all support. If the demand is there then I have ideas for a new I Love Hip Hop book. But ultimately I plan to move on to new genres in the future.

Below is the official cover for I Love Hip Hop 2: Chain Reaction. It’s designed by Davida Baldwin of Oddball design. The official promo designs are created by my good friend Rameez Quadri.


Official Synopsis:

Troy ‘Thrill Ride’ Parker is the leader of an independent record label known as Rock Out Records. After his best friend Milly Stacks was shot and put in a coma, he has made it his mission to find those responsible for the attack. But a crew of stick-up kids is out to ruin the credibility of all artists on Rock Out records. Troy must figure out the connection between the stick-up crew and those responsible for putting his best friend in a coma, all while running his newly founded record label. I Love Hip Hop 2: Chain Reaction is a mix of music industry politics and street warfare.

Print versions of both novels will be available in the near future.