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Podcasting is a big part of my life. I started podcasting back in 2007 with my friends Asad and Rameez Quadri, then I eventually hooked up with my friends over at The Koalition and became a regular on The Co-op Podcast.

Eventually I took responsibility for the podcast editing on most of the shows on the site. Nowadays I’m still the editor of The Co-op Podcast and I sometimes even host the show. But I’m also on a few other shows throughout the week. So here’s a list of all the shows I’m regularly apart of, along with details on my podcast editing service.

The Co-op Podcast is all about video game discussion

The Co-op Podcast

The Co-op podcast is the longest running podcast at The Koalition. We’re on Episode 90 now (at the time of writing) but we’ve actually revamped the show a couple times in the past, so I estimate that we’ve actually done over 300 episodes of The Co-op throughout The Koalition’s existence. On this show we have intellectual (and sometimes hilarious) discussions on the latest gaming industry news.

Instead of just reading through all of the gaming headlines, the idea is to have lengthy discussions or debates on the bigger issue of a news story. So instead of mentioning that the game Destiny is out, we talk about how long the online community will last in the game. Of course, we also have a section where we offer our personal impressions on the games we play too. If you’re a gamer definitely check this show out.

The Koalition is also home to The Throwdown podcast. I’m not a regular part of the show but I highly recommend it.

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We discuss the climate of Hip Hop on Knights of the Turntable

Knights of the Turntable

Knights of the Turntable is an all Hip Hop podcast in which we discuss various Hip Hop topics. The show is hosted by Charles Singletary Jr. and it was his idea to start the show. We also offer brief album and mixtape reviews every week in our cop or flop segment. This podcast is great because each person on the show has a different taste in music, so you’re getting a broad view on the art form. Definitely check it out if you’re a Hip Hop lover.

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Talk That Shit is the leading Battle Rap podcast

Talk That Sh*t

This show is all about battle rap. Battle rap is a lyrical sport that keeps growing and growing, and lately it has caught onto the mainstream. As long time battle rap followers, myself and Richard Valera have launched this show to provide intellectual commentary on the battle rap culture. This is a new show, and the first episode was launched last week. We’ll have episode two up this week so subscribe if you follow the culture.

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Future podcasts

Me and my partners are currently working on creating a movie/comic book movie podcast. I may also possibly launch a podcast exclusively for this site in which I speak on passion and motivation. Watch this space!


I also love to guest feature on other podcasts. So if you have a podcast about gaming, technology, music, battle rap, comic books, movies, or books then hit me up if you need an extra guest.

Learn about my podcast editing service, it's only five dollars.

My podcast services

I offer a podcast editing service for $5/£5 per episode. For this price I will edit out dead air, pauses, awkward breaths, and mistakes; as well as mixing the show so the vocals are high quality. I will also add in any intro, outro or music you send over to include.

This price only covers up to two hours in length. For anything longer there will be additional fees.

Hit up my contact page to submit a request.

I’d love to hear about your own podcasts too, so feel free to comment.