The Power of a Smile

The other day I was down in the dumps, in a low place. Life pressures and insecurities were plaguing me, and I found myself sitting idle feeling sorry for myself. Then all of a sudden out of the blue, I had an epiphany. What if I smiled instead of sulking with my hands on my genitals? What if when I get this low, I just smile and pretend everything is okay? The funny thing is, if you can bring yourself to do this you won’t even have to pretend.


A smile is more than just a facial expression you put on for selfies and Instagrams. A smile has the power to lift the soul. It could be your soul or someone who’s had the pleasure to witness you cheesing. Either way, a smile sends a message to your brain that everything is alright, and that it’s okay to keep pushing.

We’re only human, and nobody is immune from emotion. So there will be times when we need to snuggle up and wallow in our self pity, because that’s normal. But at some point we need to bring ourselves out of this state of depression to continue kicking ass in everyday life. If you’re struggling to get out of this slump, a simple smile for your own sake will go a long way.

By smiling I was able to jump out of my seat and continue being productive. I even worked up enough motivation to pick up the lingering piece of writing I’ve been meaning to finish for months.

Next time you’re down, give it a try.