The Top Hip Hop Artists On Social Media Platforms

A few months back MTV put out their annual hottest MC’s list. As always, many people disagreed with the list. The main reason for this is because their list is based on who is popular and not necessarily who is the most talented.

With that in mind, what does it take to make it on the Hottest MC list? And how much does Social Media contribute to this? It would take some deep analyzing to figure out the full specifics. However, the folks over at The Phat Startup have put together a nice infographic showing who the top Social Media kings are in Hip Hop.


As you can see from the infographic, Drake, Kanye and Rick Ross are the top three people as far as overall followers go. So to answer the original question, MTV clearly doesn’t base their decisions just on who’s the most active online. Regardless, every Hip Hop artist on the graphic has shared a high level of success and there’s no denying that their social media contributions help.

So what’s the lesson we can learn here? No matter what it is you’re selling people, whether it’s an idea, a product, a lifestyle or information. You must have a voice in the social space. In 2013 it’s essential! No matter what it is you do, social media will help people connect with you. And connections go a long way.

Much props to The Phat Startup. Be sure to spread this infographic.