I Love Hip Hop


Troy Parker was just another hustler claimed by the drug economy in South Side Jamaica Queens. After truth hit him that the drug game was short lived, he insisted on using the art of rap as his escape. Now Troy Parker is Thrill Ride, the most influential Hip-Hop artist in the industry. When Troy’s record label Wave Records finds itself in financial trouble the company CEO devises a plan to manipulate Troy’s image and increase profits.

Troy must struggle to balance his music career, his high maintenance wife, his best friend who can’t leave the drug game alone and the up and coming rapper gunning for his spot. Will Troy Parker eternalize his stamp on the Hip Hop industry? Or will the corruption of both social and street politics make him another short lived act?

About The Second Edition: The I Love Hip Hop 2nd edition addresses many of the faults of the original novel; from formatting issues to grammatical errors. It also features a brand new cover designed by popular designer Davida Baldwin.

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“I Love Hip Hop is an intricate story that takes readers into the lives of multiple artists who are at different points in their career, each with something to gain or lose”

“I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait for part 2 to come out”

“You may think I Love Hip Hop will end up being your typical street literature novel but it’s much more than that. It captures the social issues that are apparent in today’s society.”

I Love Hop Hop 2: Chain Reaction is also available for purchase