How To Grind Like Diddy By Anthony Frasier and James Lopez

When people think of Hip Hop they usually associate it with negative things such as violence, drugs and womanizing. It’s a typical method of social politicking used by the media to categorize and control the various arts associated to the Hip Hop lifestyle.

Very rarely does anyone actually sit down and analyze the hustle mentality that many Hip Hop moguls have used to guarantee their success. When it comes to rags-to-riches, it’s hard to find a living example of the term without naming somebody associated with the Hip Hop lifestyle.

Diddy is somebody who isn’t exactly praised for his music efforts, but there’s no denying that this man is one of the smartest businessmen in Hip Hop period. But why?

How to grind like Diddy

This “How To Grind Like Diddy” guide has all the answers. Written by the guys over at The Phat Startup Anthony Frasier and James Lopez, the guide helps you understand why Diddy is so successful in all his ventures.

The best thing about the guide is that it’s not just a study on Diddy’s success, it’s a means of applying the knowledge to your own cause. It continuously pushes you to apply these steps towards your own goals as an entrepreneurs.

We all want to be successful as entrepreneurs but sometimes our own ego’s prevent us from really analyzing what makes other people successful. Sometimes you really do need to just study other peoples moves to figure out what works and what doesn’t. The Phat Startup really understands this, and that’s why every week you see them interview new entrepreneurs.

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