Gary Swaby Becomes A Partner In Geek Supply Co

I am excited to announce a new venture I have helped launch with my partner Jimi Olaghere. GeekSupply Co is an outlet which offers meaningful products to solve practical problems. Products on offer at GeekSupply Co include unique mobile phone cases, office accessories, book bags, clocks, notepads, lamps and more.

Not only do we strive to deliver unique concepts and change the way consumers interact with their immediate environment, but we also want to give something back to those who have to suffer in silence.

Jimi Olaghere and I share a rare blood disorder named Sickle Cell. This disease affects thousands of people around the world, yet there are barely any resources being put forward to give support to Sickle Cell sufferers.

Since its identification in 1910 until the passage of the National Sickle Cell Control Act in 1972, only $1 million had been spent on Sickle Cell research. That equates to a little more than $16,000 per year.

We’re passionate about giving back, and we’re especially passionate about Sickle Cell. Two of three founding members suffer from this chronically debilitating disease. We’ve partnered up with key charities to bring awareness to a disease that should never have been forgotten.

For this purpose we have made it our mission to donate a portion of Geek Supply’s profits to Sickle Cell charities and research. In time we aim to make our mission more ambitious by throwing events, lectures and spreading the support base for the disease worldwide. To achieve this we have partnered up with specific organizations that will receive 10% of our monthly sales. These organizations in turn use the money to promote Sickle Cell awareness and encourage research.

Thanks to the inner-workings of Geek Supply’s business we are able to make Sickle Cell awareness our main priority. Our products are manufactured specifically for us using high quality raw materials. We’ve cut out all the middlemen so that we can increase our margins and have more money to donate in return.

I personally am extremely excited about this project as Sickle Cell awareness has been something I’ve always wanted to work towards. And now, with the help of my partner Jimi Olaghereit it has been made possible.

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